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Overview: iPod Touch 5G (Blue)

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Review: iPod Touch 5G (Blue)

My overview of the new iPod Contact 5th Era. Purchase the iPod Touch 5G – Audible – Verify out the web site – http://tys…
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*** IPOD TOUCH 4G *** price?

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Question by Rob Underwood: *** IPOD TOUCH 4G *** price?
I am planning on getting an iPod Touch 4th generation with my left over Christmas money, but want to know if it will go on sale after Christmas, or sometime. Will it be marked down after Christmas? When will they mark it down if so? Also the 4th generation (newest one) has built in WiFi, so that means i can get on the internet, no matter where I am, right? Also, is the texting app free, and what is the catch (who can you text)Thanks!

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Answer by MasterZen
If you go to Walmart it’s 229.99

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