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iPod Nano de Monky

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iPod Nano de Monky
ipod nano

Image by Huasonic
El iPod Nano es una maravilla, Monky no aguantó las ganas y se lo compró, y yo no me aguanté las ganas y se lo pedí para sacar unas fotos y hacer un review.

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ipod shuffle vs. nano?

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Question by autumn: ipod shuffle vs. nano?
I’m debating on whether to purchase a new ipod shuffle or nano. I’ve had a nano previously, but I unfortunately, it was dropped and the LCD screen is now broken…. =(

The shuffle is more in my price range right now– and for all the more songs I’ll put on, is the perfect size. The only downside is that there’s no screen. Anyone out there with a shuffle mind this?? What do you think about the shuffle??

Or would you fork up the extra 60 bucks for the nano?

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Answer by qtpiepeanut93

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