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Very good value for iPad 1st gen?

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Query by Emily: Good value for iPad 1st gen?
Im acquiring 1 for $ 80.
Gb: 32 or 64(forgot)
Is it a excellent price tag??

Best solution:

Reply by lightning.hearth.63
oh it is wonderful.
but if you want to get far more precise evaluations inform us regardless of whether it is 3g or non 3G

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Buying snowboard. Good prices, brands, etc. need experianced advice – 10 points!?

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Question by MP3 :) : Buying snowboard. Good prices, brands, etc. need experianced advice – 10 points!?
Please and thanks for helping! :D

Anyway, this will be my 3rd Winter snowboarding. I love it and am still at a beginner level (no tricks, no ramps and jump, I can get down the hill safely and quickly though.)
I dont LOVE going super fast, just FYI…

I have rented from SkiBarn the past 2 years but this year I want to buy my own.

I am about 5′ tall give or take and inch when in snowboard boots, etc. I weigh about 110 pounds I’d say, 14 year old female.
I checked my size in a store I can be between a 140 and a 144 is my maximum, I understand shorter boards are easier to control so I’m leaning towards 141 or 142′s maybe?

I like Burton boards, especially the colors, but online they show them as like $ 400!! I don’t want to pay more than like $ 200 for a board. Not sure about boots and bindings prices yet – but I know they have to be from the same comapny

So if anyone knows good brands or where to buy nice sturdy boards/boots/bindings please lemme know! Thanks so much! 10 points to most helpful/thurough answerer! :)

Best answer:

Answer by Jade Poboisk
I have the Salomon Lily. its a fantastic board, greta for park, or just cruisin’(: that probablly didnt help.. but good luck! Keep on shreddin!

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