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Should I buy an MP3 player now, or 3 months from now?

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Question by Somalimom: Should I buy an MP3 player now, or 3 months from now?
I’m looking to buy a small, flash-based MP3 player to use while working out, sitting in waiting rooms, etc. I don’t want to spend a lot of money, however ($ 100 would be the absolute limit).

So far, I’ve been looking at the Creative MuVo Micro (either 512MB or 1 Gig), as it seems to have the features I want: small size, FM radio, line-in for recording directly from CDs and records. This unit seems like a great buy on sale for around $ 70. However, I know that technology changes overnight and something better might be available at a similar price a few months from now when I have my birthday.

Does anyone know if there are any new MP3 players scheduled to come out in the next few months that might be a better buy than the MuVo Micro? Or are any of the current players (such as the iRivers) going to come down in price during that time?

Thanks for the input!

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Answer by vicked01
Wait as long as you can. MP3 players are like all electronics they get cheaper with time.

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