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will the value of ipod touches drop in 2009?

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Question by lachlanmealey: will the cost of ipod touches drop in 2009?
imm pondering of getting 1 after there below three hundred will that occur 2009

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Answer by Eric R
I dout it, apple sticks with the value untill they make a new sort!

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Ipod Touch price drop???

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Question by moses: Ipod Touch price drop???
i have a circuit city gift card and i am going to buy an ipod touch from there and no where else. i looked online and last night the price was 299.99 and now its 15 dollars less. i herd rumors all over the place that the ipod touch will have a price drop no later than mid this month. any ideas, quotes, or anything helpful. i want to buy it this saturday. im not sure what to do. what do you think (8 gigs by the way)

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Answer by skatedudepugging
well i just posted a question with the same question lol. Just right now i was reading an article on this tech site called where there are rumors spreading about a possible $ 120 price drop on the iPod Touch and possibly the 3rd generation iPhone. The dutch iTunes store sort of confirmed this when they displayed the iPod Touch with a drop of 80 euros which is roughly 120 US dollars. But it maybe just a typo error. You never know. I say wait until June when the new iPod Touch 2.0 firmware comes out (yup Apple’s released a new firmware again) this time it has a new application called the “app store” where you can purchase or download applications right onto your touch. Plus i think you can share emails and other cool features. So yeah, just wait until June, maybe the price drop might make its debut then.

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