iPod’s busted :-(

iPod’s busted :-(
apple ipod price

Image by allaboutgeorge
I think a new screen would run , about the same price as a new scratch-free faceplate.

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  1. gwen says:

    D’s is like this, but the crack runs diagonal. The Genius whispered to us that Apple jacks up the screen repair price [they were closing, he estimated closer to $200 to fix hers] to encourage upgrades and that we should look on craigs for a third-party to fix it or just buy a new one.

  2. gwen says:

    And you know, you’d think dropping it *once* — it literally dropped out of her hand, when her arm was hanging down, so there wasn’t any thrust or great height — would not be enough to effectively destroy one of these overpriced little gadgets. You’d think they’d make them a *bit* sturdier than that. Money-grubbing corporations feh.

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